From the breaches of China to the hills of Romania, our company does not shun looking from talent globally in order to boost innovation within. It is the reason why the team of Stars and Stories consists of a shocking 16 nationalities today! Meet Thanh, our Product Manager who traded her Vietnamese roots for a job at a Dutch tech company.

A brief introduction 

I’m Thanh Nguyen, a young Vietnamese lady whose background is in Marketing and Information Sciences. I came to the Netherlands 2 years ago to pursue a master degree, then I fell in love with the country and decided to stay here. Now I’m working at Stars and Stories as a Product Owner. 

Adventure calling 

It was quite an incident. Initially I applied for a part time position and got an email from the CEO, saying that the company had a role that needed a Vietnamese speaking person. I was quite surprised, but I decided to join the adventure. Since the very first days, everyday is a new challenge, with constant learning and lots of fun working here.

The gear in the machine 

As a Product Owner, my daily tasks are to manage different technical projects in the company. On the one hand, I work closely with our tech heroes and offshore partners. On the other hand, I collect requests, ideas and feedback from departments across the company, translate them into implementable features.

Just like a gear in a big machine, I make sure that my team and other teams can function well and support each other effectively.

A scale-up that embraces diversity 

The open and international climate is my most favorite part when talking about company culture. The national diversity is incredible, given our company size.  In addition to that, our flat organization structure is what I highly appreciate. Short communication lines from the management to employees really give me the feeling that my voice is listened and considered thoroughly.

The sky is the limit 

My true hero is Elon Musk, the innovative visionary of our age. He has been proving to the world that if you dream big enough, there’s nothing too ambitious to achieve. He works hard to realize his vision, ignoring those who don’t believe in what he believes. That inspires me enormously.